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Stacy's Family Pharmacy finds it imperative to assist our customers with information regarding their well being. We hold FREE classes on how to approach certain health issues pertaining to simple ways to live with certain conditions.
This Month's FREE The Beat Session : The Low Glycemic Index Solution
There's no better way to jump start 2015 than by developing a game plan to lose weight, take care of your heart, and improve your overall health. In this month's free groundbreaking class, we'll be performing screenings to see if you're at risk for certain diseases, such as diabetes. We'll also be developing a personalized game plan, so you can take control of your health in 2015!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.
This Month's FREE Sweet Spot Session : Wellness Works
If you're living with diabetes, chances are high that a friend or relative has said, "You can't eat that!" Are there really 'bad' foods or are some choices simply healthier than others? In this month's 2015 Sweet Spot kickoff, we'll dive into the world of carbohydrates and discover which foods raise your blood sugar more quickly. You don't want to miss this exciting class!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.