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Stacy's Family Pharmacy finds it imperative to assist our customers with information regarding their well being. We hold FREE classes on how to approach certain health issues pertaining to simple ways to live with certain conditions.
This Month's FREE The Beat Session : Check Your Beat
While drummers love to mix up beats, the heart prefers the same rhythm over your entire life. Sometimes, however, your heart beat can change the rhythm, causing a dangerous cascade of health events. In this month's informative class, we'll discover the different types of abnormal heart rhythms, the medications used to treat them, and more!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.
This Month's FREE Sweet Spot Session : Taking the Ouch! Out of Diabetes
From testing your blood sugar to injecting insulin, living with diabetes usually involves using needles and lancets. Did you know that there are simple steps you can take to make injecting diabetes medications, such as insulin, and testing your blood sugar essentially pain free? In this exciting class, we'll discover these steps and more. You won't want to miss this exciting event!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.