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Stacy's Family Pharmacy finds it imperative to assist our customers with information regarding their well being. We hold FREE classes on how to approach certain health issues pertaining to simple ways to live with certain conditions.
This Month's FREE The Beat Session : Health Fair - Your Ticket to the Greatest Heart Health on Earth
Are you at risk for heart disease or diabetes? Have you had your blood pressure taken recently? You won't want to miss this month's health fair, where we'll offer health screenings as well as information on how to improve your health. Come early and bring a family member or friend!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.
This Month's FREE Sweet Spot Session : Diagnosis Diabetes
You've been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes...what's the next step? From learning healthy ways to prepare meals to knowing how to text your blood sugar, there is vital information you need to know in order to keep diabetes in control. In this month's highly anticipated class, we'll discover this information and more! Be sure to bring a family member or friend to the event!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.