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Stacy's Family Pharmacy finds it imperative to assist our customers with information regarding their well being. We hold FREE classes on how to approach certain health issues pertaining to simple ways to live with certain conditions.
This Month's FREE The Beat Session : Holiday Habits
Whether we'd like to admit it of not, we all have a few bad habits. From constantly eating a midnight snack to using 5 condiment packages at a fast food restaurant, these seemingly harmless events can affect your health! In this informative class, we'll learn key ways to break bad habits in a way that leaves you feeling full!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.
This Month's FREE Sweet Spot Session : What is Slowing You Down?
Are you feeling consistently tied throughout the day? While you may have dismissed it as something temporary, fatigue is a common result of diabetes. What causes it? Is there anything you can do about it? In this exciting class, we'll learn more about fighting fatigue and more!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.