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Stacy's Family Pharmacy finds it imperative to assist our customers with information regarding their well being. We hold FREE classes on how to approach certain health issues pertaining to simple ways to live with certain conditions.
This Month's FREE The Beat Session : His & Hers
Did you know that 1 in 3 women die from heart disease each year? Unfortunately, these alarming statistics are similar for men. Is there a difference in how we approach heart wellness in men and women? In this month's FREE class, we'll discover how both sexes can improve their heart health. Be sure to bring a friend to this event!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.
This Month's FREE Sweet Spot Session : 25 Ways to Control Type 2 Diabetes
Whether you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes or you've been living with diabetes for decades, there are many tips you can use to control your blood sugar. In this month's FREE class, we've identified 25 key ways to help you control your diabetes. From carbohydrate counting to monitoring morning blood sugars, we know you'll learn something new!
Please ask a Pharmacy Associate for dates, times & location.